A student with a group of students outdoors.

Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School has a strong involvement in education – in fact, our school was founded in part to help support and provide volunteers to an innovative primary school that emphasizes student creativity, participation, and decision making.


Many current opportunities are available in education. If you have an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish and are staying at least three weeks, you may have the opportunity to teach approximately 45 children aged 4 to 12 years old, all from indigenous families with very scarce economic resources.

A student with a group of students.

Located in a rural community in the mountains near Xela, a short bus ride and then a walk brings you to the one-room schoolhouse. Because there is only one regular teacher to teach all six primary grades, your help is indispensable in improving the quality of instruction and attention given to the children. If your Spanish level is lower, you may have the opportunity to teach English to children at a local elementary school.

Due to the school year schedule, variations in staffing needs, and variations in grants and funding for programs, the specific opportunities that are available when you attend will vary.