Our Veterinary Medical Spanish program combines intensive general Spanish instruction with specialized instruction focused on veterinary medical terminology and situations. It’s ideal for doctors, assistants, technicians, pre-med students, and others in the veterinary medicine health care fields.


Student volunteer at the shelter with seven dogs.
  • Specialized curriculum
  • Clinic and shelter placements
  • University credit available

Comprehensive Program

A wide variety of teaching methods and materials are utilized in our comprehensive program. Classroom exercises and role-plays mimic real-life situations. Our extensive library of medical Spanish books and materials—available for both in-class and take-home use—covers everything from beginning level guides to Spanish language clinical diagnostic manuals. Special group activities for veterinary medical Spanish students include visits to hospitals and clinics, and guest visits by working professionals.

Stiching incision on dog.

Clinic and Shelter Placements

Clinic and shelter placements are available for those who wish to gain valuable field experience while helping the community. We work directly with a local veterinary practice, as well as with an animal shelter run by 25 Guatemalan youth volunteers who care for animals that have been abandoned in the streets. Opportunities are available for all students, and range from observation to diagnosis and treatment, depending on the level of Spanish, level of veterinary medical training and experience, assessment of the supervising doctor, and the needs of the facility.

Student volunteer nuzzling up to one of the dogs.

Up to 5 hours a day of clinic or shelter experience is available, and our program can satisfy the rotational credit requirements for various veterinary medicine programs.