Our highly regarded Medical Spanish program combines intensive general Spanish instruction with specialized instruction focused on medical terminology and situations. It’s ideal for doctors, nurses, medical school students, pre-med students, emergency medical technicians, and others in the health care fields.


Student examining a baby.
  • Specialized curriculum
  • Clinical placements
  • University credit available

Comprehensive Program

A wide variety of teaching methods and materials are utilized in our comprehensive program. Classroom exercises and role-plays mimic real-life situations. Our extensive library of medical Spanish books and materials—available for both in-class and take-home use—covers everything from beginning level guides to Spanish language clinical diagnostic manuals. Special group activities for medical Spanish students include visits to hospitals and clinics, and guest visits by working professionals.

Another student examining a child.

Clinical Volunteer Placement

Clinical placement is available for those who wish to gain valuable field experience helping the community. Our program not only includes placements in rural clinics and municipal hospitals, but also periodic excursions by the school to remote villages where clinics don't even exist. Opportunities are available for students of all levels, and will depend on your level of Spanish and level of medical training and experience. While beginners get the opportunity to observe, more advanced students may have the opportunity to diagnose and treat patients, subject to the approval of the supervising doctor. Up to 5 hours a day of clinical experience is available, and many students receive medical school credit for fulfilling their rotation requirements in our program.

To talk with students who have participated in our Medical Spanish or standard intensive Spanish program, please see our student reference page