These are just some of our recent students who are eager to share their experiences with you. Their personal emails are hidden for privacy, however emails sent to the addresses below will be automatically forwarded.


General Spanish, Business Spanish, other specialties

Mark Zoccali, Rochester NY, United States
I fell in love with Guatemala in 2010, but my trip to MAA in 2011 only increased that love. My one-on-one classes were perfect and many of the teachers became friends to me. My host family only made my experience better.
Rachel Medbery, Decatur GA, United States
My time with MAA was fantastic! My homestay could not have been better and my teachers were wonderful. The immersion-type experience was the perfect way to quickly rebuild my Spanish foundation, as well as to add more to it! It was a month I will never forget.
Lisa Brown Peterson, Montrose CO, United States
I had the most wonderful experience at Miguel Angel Asturias! The staff was more helpful, competent, and nice than I could have imagined. We had activities planned every day that you could join that were always a lot of fun. I stayed 4 weeks and plan to return later this year to study, as well as join the volunteer opportunities that are available. My family was indescribably awesome, it was an experience I will always remember!
Marisa Newell, Austin TX, United States
This is not the only school I attended in Guatemala, but it was definitely the best one! All the maestros are really friendly and patient. The community is very strong, and I felt welcomed immediately. Highly recommended!
Danielle Rowan, Salt Lake City UT, United States
Carla is amazing. That woman knows her grammar inside out. I was very impressed with her ability to explain complex grammar to me. I learned a lot with her. My experience at the school was excellent!
David McDonald, SAN FRANCISCO CA, United States
My teachers, Martha and Ana, were great, the urban location of the facility provided an immediate exposure to Xela life, the activities helped glue the academic and social aspects together, the Friday potlucks were lots of fun. My homestay family, Sylvia Guzman, was very friendly, the comida tipica was fantastic, my room was comfortable and warm. All in all, it was a great experience!
Danielle Barshak, Leverett MA, United States
I had a fantastic teacher; she was fun, funny, engaged and personable (and knowledgeable, of course). In two short weeks, we became friends as well as teacher and pupil.
Kyle Sullivan, Rochester NY, United States
Our experience at MAA was incredible. Edna and all of the teachers are phenomenally kind and capable. The classroom 1-on-1 setting was exactly what we needed and our homestay was great.
Cheryl Bela, Portland OR, United States
I loved the intense one-on-one classes. The staff and fellow students create a really caring atmosphere at this school. I highly recommend it and was sorry to leave after my four-week stay.
John Dale, Independence MO, United States
Great school and great teachers. If you had to choose which city and school to go to; Xela and Miguel Angel Asturias would be the one to pick.
Elise Luce, Avondale Estates GA, United States
I had the best time, I really connected with my teachers and family. I learned the most in the best environment and really got to know the people and the city in only 2 weeks!
Clare Sloan, Brisbane , Australia
Wonderful experience here at MAA and in Xela for the third time. Outstanding teacher. Thank you!
Helen Hempstead, Bridport , United Kingdom
I had a fantastic experience at MAA. My maestra was patient, helpful, and ensured I was happy with the level of Spanish and style of teaching ..there is the opportunity to change teachers each week but I kept Alejandra the whole four weeks. All of the teachers and directors made my experience something I will never forget and I hope to return next year ...muchas gracias MAA.
Aspen Hanks, Glenrock WY, United States
My experience at MAA was incredible. My teacher was focused and wanted me to improve upon my Spanish and learn as much as I could. She was patient and willing to help me when I struggled. Everyone at MAA is extremely friendly and I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn more Spanish.
Jeny Hollaren, Andover MN, United States
I had a great time, I learned a lot not only about language but culture and life. People were very helpful at the school and I felt welcomed. My son had a great time, and I really felt that people were there to help me and make the best of my time there. I enjoyed the teachers and learned a lot.
David Coutts, Warnbro , Australia
I spent 4 weeks at MAA. You can't do better than 5 hours a day 1 to 1 lessons. Great classes, great teachers! The warm, friendly family atmosphere was unexpected but really special.

Medical Spanish (Human)

Sunny Lai, San Francisco CA, United States
I really liked my teacher Helen. I felt that she adapted to my learning style and needs. I also really like the feeling of family at the school. The fact that there were teachers at the school from 7am-7pm helping with various activities/teaching showed me that they really cared about the students. I highly recommend this school!
Riva Raiker, Largo FL, United States
My experience at MAA was excellent. I was able to work and progress at my own speed. The teachers were very helpful and my homestay became my family away from home. I excelled in Spanish at an incredible rate. This was one of my most memorable trips and I plan to visit another time.
Sonal Goyal, Chicago IL, United States
I have attended the school twice now, and love it. The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly, and you have the ability to morph the classes into what you want to learn and concentrate on. The directors of the school are very caring also, and my homestay family is very sweet. You get to meet other amazing people attending the school at the same time. I highly recommend this Spanish School.
Steve O'Donnell, NY, United States
After 9 weeks of classes, I went to another Latin American country and was getting complements on how well I spoke. Although I still have a lot more work to do, my progress is thanks to the great people and teachers at MAA. I am very grateful!
Lisa Rhyner, Wauwatosa WI, United States
I had a wonderful, unforgettable experience at MAA - I especially enjoyed the graduation dinners and the time with my Guatemalan family- they were the best~!
Lisa Linde, Buffalo NY, United States
My experience at MAA was amazing. I learned so much Spanish in class and my homestay immersion helped to reinforce what I learned. The school was like my family in Guatemala. I've only been home a day and I'm ready to go back.
Maureen Young, Phoenix AZ, United States
I loved this school and the teachers I had. I was amazed at how quickly I learned.
Melissa Rangel, Seattle WA, United States
I learned and retained more Spanish at MAA in 4 weeks than I did in 3 quarters of college level Spanish. The teachers are incredibly patient with students who are nervous about using their developing spanish, not to mention very well educated in Spanish grammar. This experience was invaluable. Xela is a beautiful place, and the people there are amazing. I can't wait to return.
Kathryn Radtke, Washington DC, United States
Somehow I knew that the MAA School was the place for me, and I couldn't have been more right. My first night in Xela I was set up with the most engaging and dynamic family, and the first week of classes were so good, I almost cried because I was so happy to finally be learning Spanish! I loved my teachers, their expertise in teaching Spanish, and their efforts to teach me about local culture.
Katie Stump, Atlanta GA, United States
MAA was the only school that I could find in Xela that focused on everday Spanish as well as medical Spanish with a clinical component. Also, it is very evident how deeply the staff and directors care about the students. The students become close and always want to help one another out. I feel incredibly blessed for my time at MAA.
Anthony Wang, Newark DE, United States
My experience at MAA was amazing. The maestros and staff were all so friendly and hospitable, and patient with students who are learning Spanish. The family that I stayed with treated me like family.
Kathleen Bernock, New York NY, United States
I traveled to Xela alone and within the first week felt comfortable. The staff and all of the other students attending Miguel Angel Asturias were so warm, open, and welcoming - it truly enriched my experience learning Spanish in a new country.
Christina Yi, Newark DE, United States
Excellent experience. Full immersion unlike any other! The relationships you develop with the teachers and your family is the best part! I miss MAA already...
Liana Eskola, Philadelphia PA, United States
My month at Miguel Angel was positive in every way. The teachers, students, and administrators all got along so well, and my Spanish improved incredibly quickly. I was deeply saddened to leave!
Chloe Ciccariello, New York NY, United States
MAA was an amazing experience. I learned way more than I was planning, and the staff and teachers were incredibly knowledgable and willing to help with travel plans. I loved my home stay as well.
Amanda Horton, Philadelphia PA, United States
I can't believe how much I learned in such a short period of time! The classes were very well organized and the teachers really knew what they were doing. By the end of 3 weeks I felt confident getting around any Spanish speaking country, and I'm now able to better communicate with my Spanish speaking patients in the hospital. Thanks again guys!
Cynthia Sharpe, Kensington CA, United States
To work so hard and have so much fun! I learned so much in a short period of time. I can't wait to return to learn even more.
Kathryn Schuettinger, Frederick MD, United States
I loved MAA. I needed so much help since I arrived with no Spanish, literally nada. I ended up with a very solid background. I loved the activities and how they were presented each week. Edna is awesome. The teachers are so knowledgable and can basically read our minds when we are trying to communicate something but need a little help. They are patient and kind. The host family was great.
Tina Williams, Atlanta GA, United States
MAA helped me realize my life long dream of being able to speak Spanish. The administrators, instructors and my homestay family were patient, encouraging, and challenged me appropriately. I especially enjoyed feeling like part of a huge family. I feel so fortunate to have had this wonderful opportunity.
Catherine Lindsay, Sherman Oaks CA, United States
Thank you for such a wonderful experience! All of the staff were welcoming and provided a comfortable environment to practice a new language. I also had a wonderful experience at the hospital in Totonicapan, where I had the opportunity to view multiple surgeries and volunteer in Obstetrics. It also was an excellent place to talk with medical students and nurses in Spanish, which solidified my personal goals in the health field. I highly recommend MAA and immersing yourself with Spanish in Xela. Thanks again!
Shawn Sullivan, , United States
The school and homestay were excellent. The quality of classes was great. I have attended language schools in Antigua, Xela, and Todos Santos, and MAA is my favorite so far. The homestay family was very friendly and the food was excellent. I hope to return next year.

Medical Spanish (Veterinary)

Andrea Seitz, , United States
Even though my time was short, I had a great experience in Guatemala, and this was made possible by the wonderful staff at MAA and my amazing host family. Violeta and her family were so welcoming, and made me feel right at home!